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Hotbird 3 Characteristics (e. hemi. list)
Satellite Characteristics Parameter Value(s) Notes
Satellite Manufacturer Matra Marconi Space  
Launch Date 02/09/97  
Launch  Ariane IV (V99)  
Projected Lifetime  14.5 years   
Orbital Position  13º E ± 0.1º    
Frequency Plan:    
Operational Transponders 20   
Total Transponders 32 Twelve transponders are switched off. 
Frequency Accuracy ±5 x 10 -7 At satellite delivery 
Frequency Stability ±1 x 10 -7
±5 x 10 -7
±5 x 10 -6
Over any 24 hour period.
Over any month.
Over the min. operational lifetime.
Nominal Transponder Power 115 W    
Polarisation  Dual Linear   All coverages.
Polarisation Discrimination 30 dB - 33 dB Receive.
28 dB - 33 dB Wide Beam.
30 dB - 33 dB Super Beam.
30 dB Steerable Spot Beam
The exact value is dependent upon
the location within the coverage zone. 
Transponder Gain:     
Fixed Gain Mode: Precise operational gain adjustments are made according to the traffic configuration of the transponder.   
Gain Adjustment Range 20 dB  
Gain Step Size 1 dB  
IPFD for Saturation -(90 + X) to -(70 + X)  In dBWm-2. The value X is the G/T in dBK -1 in the direction of the location considered.
Automatic Level Control Mode:    
Dynamic Range  20 dB   
IBO Adjustment Range 0 -7 dB   
IPFD for Saturation -(1000+X) to -(80 +X)  In dBWm-2. The value X is the G/T in dBK -1 in the direction of the location considered.  
Number Telemetry and ranging carrier. 
Beacon 1 Frequencies 11 702.800 MHz
11 704.000 MHz
Nominally active beacon frequency.
Selectable by ground command.
Beacon 2 Frequency 12 500.000 MHz Independent of telemetry and
Frequency Stability  < ±50 kHz With respect to the nominal frequency.
Minimum EIRP  8 dBW Within any coverage area.
Polarisation  Horizontal